How proposals will be judged


When the deadline has passed, the session selection

committee will individually rate the sessions abstracts

using a  "five star system" (1: bad -- 5: excellent).

the committee consists of experts and specialists from

Al Quds university, other Palestinian universities,

ministries, and engineers associations. finally, then

they will add up the individual ratings.


Final four papers will be chosen for each (section) of the 

scientific day while other selected will be on display either 

by posters at the scientific day or at the exhibition.


Template and style guide for abstract 


Please, make sure that your session proposal

contains at least all the following elements: 


Title name(s) of speaker(s) (sessions can have up to

three speakers)

short description of the session (minimum of 100 words) 

language in which the content will be presented 


level (beginner / intermediate / advanced)


Format: authors are asked to study the following

instructions before preparation of abstracts.


Paper size - a4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm), and not us letter.


Margins - type within the dimensions of 1-inch (2.54 cm) 

margins top/bottom and left/right.


Line spacing - single line spacing. no indentation.

justification - full justification.


Page numbering - pages are not to be numbered.

title: the abstract title should be in title case

(upper and lower case), centered in times new roman,

bold font size 18 point. there should be a 6pt spacing

between the title and the authors.


Authors: author(s) name(s) should be typed in title

case, centered in times new roman, bold font size 11


First name, middle initial(s), followed by the surname, 

should be used to identify authors (eng. benjamin l. 

smith). underline the name of the presenting author.


All affiliations should follow the authors’ name in


Font size 10 point. if the authors come from more than 

one affiliation, superscript numbers should be used to 

indicate the correct affiliation. each author should 

indicate institute, city, state, country, and email


Do not include degrees or professional titles (eng. dr., 

prof., etc.).




Body text formatting: submissions are limited to 2, a4 pages including

tables, figures and references.

Do not include headers, footers or page numbers.

The body text of the paper will contain headings, pictures,

diagrams, tables, figures, formulate and other relevant information.

The section headings should be times new roman 11 point bold.


Body text should be in times new roman point 11 normal, with a 6pt

separation between paragraphs.


Figures. black and white and grayscale figures (diagrams

and photographs) and tables can be included anywhere in the text

other than the title, author list or affiliation list. Figures should be

numbered consecutively from fig. 1 onwards. Tables should be numbered

table 1 onwards. The captions are times new roman 10-point italic. Ensure

figures and tables are within the printable area of the page.


Making a reference. references in the text can be made to

literature listed in the “reference” section at the end by numbering the

literature with numbers in superscript.1 the references are incremented

in sequence of appearance in the text. Repeated reference to the same

literature can be made using the same reference number.1 in this case,

the reference number will be incremented on the next new literature cited.2

References are times new roman 9-point font. the format for references

should be: name of authors (initials of all names then family name, authors

are separated by commas), title of book or journal name in italic, vol.

number in bold, pp. numbers, and year in (brackets).


Submissions. authors are asked to submit an acrobat reader (pdf)



Submission process

authors are kindly invited to submit their formatted full papers including

research results, tables, figures and references. All paper submissions

will be blind peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, research

content, correctness, relevance to conference

and readability.

Online submission: paper submission can be completed

online: Submit your paper

Email submission: if you are unable to submit your manuscript using online

system, you may submit with complete details via email at


Please note that incomplete proposals will unfortunately be rejected!

Please, submit your proposal before the deadline. please refer 

to the timeline for important dates. you will receive an e-mail

confirmation upon submitting.


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